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Implant Cases

Below you will find a range of Dr Attiq Rahmans featured Dental Implant cases. Please choose a case below to view more information on the case and to see the before and after smile transformations:

Implant Case 1

Implant Case 2

Implant Case 3

Implant: Case 1

This lady had multiple issues related to her teeth which had been left unresolved for an extended period of time. The old crowns were all failing with multiple infections and decay under gum level. She also had a broken bridge which was mobile and uncomfortable. The gum line was also too low and the patient reported that she did not like her “gummy smile”.

The xrays showed that the majority of the teeth in the upper arch were beyond repair and after confirmation with a specialist colleague it was agreed that the teeth in that arch would be extracted.

I placed six implants and after a period of healing provided the patient with a full arch fixed bridge which looks and feels just like the real thing.

The fixed bridge not only replaces the teeth but also simulates the gum thus making the bridge look as natural as possible. It took many days of work by my team of technicians to create and they are as proud of it as the patient.

Implant: Case 2

This young lady had lost her front tooth due to a failed crown. She had a wide smile and a very obvious partial denture to replace the missing tooth.

The loss of the front tooth had meant that the gum above it had started to collapse due to shrinkage of the bone which at one time supported the root of the original tooth. There was now a distinct hollow developing above where the original tooth had been.

My job was not only to replace the missing tooth but also to rebuild the gum and bone into the original shape, thus restoring this lady’s smile to the way it once was. I therefore placed an implant together with a gum graft which rebuilt the lost volume of tissue.

Then my ceramist Ian made a crown which exactly matched the adjacent front tooth so that the smile now looked as perfect as it should.This case was published in “Implant Dentistry Today” magazine.

Implant: Case 3

This young patient had lost his front tooth due to a football injury some years previously. His remaining front tooth had several hairline cracks and the patient did not wish to interfere with this tooth in any way.

My job was to restore his missing tooth in such a way as to make it indistinguishable from his remaining cracked front tooth.

I placed an implant and then set about sculpting the gum into a mirror image of that on the other side. Once the gum shape was correct my Ceramist, Ian Smith created a porcelain crown which exactly replicated all the colours, translucencies, hairline cracks and stains of the other tooth so that it was indeed a perfect copy.

This case was published in “Dentistry Scotland” magazine.

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